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Mutual Funds
From Getting Started Through Actively Investing

One of the best ways of growing your money is to invest into mutual funds. They are usually safer and less volatile than the stocks in which they invest. Some of the high flying mutual funds have achieved over 100% growth in 1999 outperforming many stocks. In this section, we will give you the information you need from the "Basics and Getting Started" to timely "Mutual Fund Reviews and Strategies" to educate you and to help get you started down the road to investing in mutual funds.

Basics and Getting Started


Mutual Fund Strategies


Mutual Fund Reviews



Note: Past results is no indication of future performance. This information is provided to you as a starting point to BEGIN your research and is not to be construed as an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy. The information presented in this article represents's feelings and opinions about a particular stock or mutual fund on the specified date and is not meant to be a specific trading recommendation. Stocks and sector mutual funds tend to be riskier and more volatile and should be considered by investors that have long term investment timeframes, a tolerance for risk and are willing to accept unplanned volatility. Our opinions are based on sources believed to be reliable and written in good faith, but no representation or warranty, expressed or implied, is made as to their accuracy, completeness or correctness or the results obtained by individuals using such information. Readers are urged to consult with their own financial advisors before any investment decision is made and all information contained in this information should be independently verified with other sources. Partners, employees and affiliates of may or may not hold positions in any of the stocks or mutual funds included in this information. does not receive any compensation of any kind from the companies that we express opinions about. As always, each reader is responsible for the risks and consequences of their own investment activities and in no event, shall or its employees, partners or affiliates be liable for any damages, direct or indirect, that may result from the use of this information

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